GAZ 3307-33081 V4.0 + TRAILERS FOR GAZ AND ZIL (1.28.x)

– Standalone
– Purchase in car dealerships – IVECO
– 1 cabin
– 3 chassis
– 5 engines
– 5 checkpoints
– Your own interior
– Their sounds
– Support for DLC Cabin Accesories
– Own disks and tires
– Painting + Metallic
– There is a tuning
the trailer “FIRE-FIGHTING” has removed since. not enough matov and on v1.27-1.28 it is buggy!
added trailers from KamAZ and redesigned:
Trailers for GAZ and ZIL v1.0
weights from 5 to 7 tons;
Trailers are registered in 301 COMPANY
He installed ZIL’s single-wheel wheels and repainted the body;
It was tested on ETS2: v1.27.x. ; v1.28.x.
Author: JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishan’ka, Phantom94, vovangt4, OveRTRucK, RNV_Nik1.
Optimization and changes: RNV_Nik1.
Together with the trailers added Mod:
Wheels GAZ-33081 “Sadko” for trailers GAZ and ZIL v1.0
made the increased speed of shock absorbers (for “Off-road Maps”)
It was tested on ETS2: v1.27.x. ; v1.28.x.
Author: RNV_Nik1
P.S. Wheels INSTALL in the manager “ON WISH” over the trailers,
and before You take the cargo in the ORDERS !!!
Together with the mod added: zzz291_SVETOFORY_ets2_v1_27_28.scs – mod on the duplicating traffic light
(I have it with the version: v1.4.x to v1.28.x and works fine !!!)
zzz296_ROUTE_ADVISOR_Center_Top_v2_ets2_v1_27_28.scs – Mapped by me: I increased the WINDOWS of GPS maps !!!
Advisor in the top (as in the screenshot) on the track there is no “on-board computer” I put such a mod to see what “gear” is included.
and My mod: zzz300_Game_Mod_NIK_01_ets2_v1_27_28.scs – in it My physics (actual for GAZ 3307-33081 v4.0)
(the physics was made only for ENERGY and the power of the “retarder” + BRAKE) + (the scale works on ANY maps !!!) + economy_data.sii, + the scale in the game is closer further, + the scale in the Motor Show and the Auto repair shop + the BRIGHT rear light + BRIGHT and more blinking beacons + drops of rain, snow and mud from under the wheels + close opening of the garage door + loan in the bank to 50000000 !!! + in the traffic of standard tractors reduced engine power
(now creep uphill REALISTIC).
These 3 modes STAVTE in the very UP in the mod manager !!! (I call the names of Mods in the old ways, it’s easier to arrange)
Author: Sergey Vinogradov, RNV_Nik1
Optimization, corrections and changes: RNV_Nik1
Changes in version 4.0
deleted “extra” files (textures, mats, etc.)
almost ALL mats have been changed;
removed not relevant for this model of the wheel (from Zilya, KamAZ, KrAZ)
Mod in unpacked form “weighed” 572 MB – now total: 54.3 MB !!!
replaced lights;
replaced by a “new” front grille of the radiator;
the textures of GAZ-3307 wheels (wheels, tires) are changed;
added off-road wheels GAZ-33081;
“washed” and repainted the frame;
the number was changed;
washed and added a “shine” to the color of the cockpit (now it is not “matte”);
changed the dashboard;
changed the top panel;
made “rims” of instruments black and added a “shine”;
the dial of the tachometer and the speedometer are changed (increased the numbers and changed the color);
changed the color of the arrows (now the same color as the instruments);
the color is changed on ALL devices (figures);
changed the dial of the fuel gauge (changed the icon “gas station” and did in the middle,
and removed the extra division that was before the division: 0);
corrected the testimony of the fuel gauge, shows it correctly;
made a “highlight” of the instruments;
the brightness of the control lamps (turn signals and stop signal
(now lit brightly regardless, turned on or off the “backlight” of devices));
added photo overlays on the door;
on the steering wheel a “black hole” was removed (added a beautiful emblem “GAZ”);
changed the interior texture (side and rear wall, ceiling);
changed the brightness in the cabin (now in the cabin light, on the floor you can see all the levers and pedals);
the glass was changed from the outside and inside;
changed engines;
changed the chassis (the mass of the car corresponds to the real);
on the chassis 4×4 made an increased stroke of shock absorbers (for “Off-road Maps”)
changed gearbox (GAZ-53_66 and GAZ-3307 real gear ratios);
sounds – minimized the volume of “pneumatic” brakes;
painted onboard body;
repainted van (made skin “mail RUSSIA”);
repainted tank “FIRE”, and on the back wall added an inscription – “FIRE-FIGHTING”;
repainted tow truck;

Truck Author: Sergey Vinogradov, RNV_Nik1 Trailers JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishan’ka, Phantom94, vovangt4, OveRTRucK, RNV_Nik1. Optimization and changes: RNV_Nik1.


7 thoughts on “GAZ 3307-33081 V4.0 + TRAILERS FOR GAZ AND ZIL (1.28.x)

  1. Please make a Western Star 4900

    1. or Hummer H3!

  2. Fake mods from the copier “mods80” share!
    The game crash NOT download!

    1. No truck mod in the archive, here full archive

      1. GamerLionfish

        Great work. I hope that Sergei V. releases his G.A.Z 52/53 mod soon.

  3. No truck mod in the archive, here full archive

  4. Very bad truck!

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