Gazel 3302 Biznes + New Addon

Gazel-3302-Biznes-1 Gazel-3302-Biznes-2 Gazel-3302-Biznes-3

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– Standalone model
– Volvo showrooms
– Interior
– Wheels
– Sound
– Includes a self-contained trailer (transparent, for the transportation of goods in the “body”)
– Supports tuning (almost all removable)
– Added drives for new versions (two options)
– Fixed bugs
– Adapting to new version

New addon:

– Completely redesigned sounds largely remade residence
– Added a lot of goods is under the car

If you want to have orders for European countries – in the archive with the mod on the path “def company ” has a separate archive “”. Unzip it to a folder “def company ” in the archive with the mod.
If you want to disable the standard loads – in the archive with the mod folder “def ” find the file “cargo.txt” and rename it to “cargo.sii”.

A few words on the unit. The archive itself with additions uncompressed .zip, you can connect it to the profile, but I would suggest to rename the main archive with the mod folder “def” and “sound”, respectively, in “def.bak” and “sound.bak”. And copy all the files amendments to the main archive with the mod.

Tested 1.22

Have a good game!

Authors: Model – Кирилл Младшев, adapting – vovangt4, addon – il_86


9 thoughts on “Gazel 3302 Biznes + New Addon

    1. Thanks!

  1. when i got to dealer game crashes…please help!

    1. Hi. You need to extract both WinRaR files in your ets 2 mod folder!

  2. there you go. Another video to make sure you know about this mod before you download it.

  3. Englishets2

    I can´t do jobs in Europe, and I have unzip “”. Why?

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