Gazel 3302 for Eastern Express v 10.7

Dealer – “Eastern Express”
Invisible cargo
Tested 1.28, 1.30 – works

Max Masakin, Cyril Mladsi, Artem Abbasov, Alexander Kuzmin, valera_t


3 Responses to Gazel 3302 for Eastern Express v 10.7

  1. Ron.D says:

    QU::: Dealer – Eastern Express
    Wat? Ahaaaa……. looo…..

  2. Werner says:

    “Dealer – Easter Express” ?, what is this?!

  3. Klains says:

    Funeral services for fools. You play the map Easter of ###### by_ Vlera T XDD
    Dude, it’s paid sexual services XXL

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