Gazelle Biznes


Russian Gazelle for ETS2
Includes interior, wheels, 3 types of tents, small tuning

Author: alexander_pistoletov228


7 thoughts on “Gazelle Biznes

  1. ####… Old mod… Fenix ###### animal…

  2. Sharemodds is slow dowloand speed

  3. Видео пожалуйста))

  4. does this one ACTUALLY work? a video preview wouldn’t go a miss

  5. Да говно полная каждый 100-195 км надо ехать на запрваку,тяга фууууууууу,салон не от газель бизнес

  6. Thank you so much Alexander. Great mod! There are a few errors and warnings in log file (old models, wrong pmg and dds etc), but you can drive it WITHOUT any problems in 1.16.2. At least, till now, I haven’t any crash with this mod.

    You’ll find it at Volvo truck dealer! ;)…

    I don’t know anything about its sounds, because I have mine enabled for Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Car(which is also from Volvo dealer)… If you’ll fix all those errors, this became also a great car / truck for driving, besides the others cars: Jeep, BMW and Audi S4. 😉

    Anyway, good job! Keep up the good work and drive safe especially in reality!;)

  7. Что заменяет хоть?

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