Gazelle + trailer


Replaces all Iveco, in part, its interior (not finish)
Mirrors do not work, do not have their wheels, no tuning, not painted
Test for version 1.3.1
Author: Ostros


6 thoughts on “Gazelle + trailer

  1. а где газелька?

  2. Can i attach a trailer to this?

  3. Not work becouse the link is down, re-upload or change the link please.

  4. If I may ask why bother if not finished. trying to get your name in the record book of attempted visionaries or just bait for those who download everything they see. Well no fishing today I forgot my fishing pole.The Idea here is is to give us completed work, sooooooooooooo DO IT.It costs money tostore useless work.

  5. What is the Password?

  6. #### what a f*cked up mod… if #### is not working please do not upload it!!!

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