Gazelle Valdai + Trailer

Gazelle-Valdai+Trailer-1 Gazelle-Valdai+Trailer-2

YouTube preview

– Lightmask
– Interior
– Animations
– Metallic colours
– A lot types of tandem parts
– 2 types of chassis
– Includes Trailer
– Standalone (Scania Dealer)
– AO textures

Authors: Sanya142, Vladislav Kalash, FOX071RUS


7 thoughts on “Gazelle Valdai + Trailer

  1. There is no trailer

  2. Walter Plinge

    Looks nice, but where are the dashboard lights?

  3. no dashboard light and i can’t see in mirrors….

  4. nouvelle video ( en francais ) :

  5. If the bugs were fixed (gauges worked right, gaugelights worked, spoiler had paint, trailer actually exists) and this didn’t replace the same truck the scania T does, I’d play it alot ~_~

  6. Bumbiturbo

    Tested this out,

    Gauges dosent work propertly, trailer hits back of cab, dident see any trailers for the car,lights dosent work in gauges or tail lights, otherwise then that! cool thing!, but change so it replaced a iveco/renault who noone drives 🙂 / smiles

  7. Не можете установить моды на Euro Truck Simulator 2 обращайтесь ко мне во всем помогу)!!!

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