GeoSkin Trailer

Hello. New skin for trailer. GeoSkin. (c)cgl9900 – Copyrights, all rights reserved. Don’t uploads, don’t edit, don’t re-edit.



19 thoughts on “GeoSkin Trailer

  1. What’s that supposed to be?

    1. smarttoys013

      Hello. This is a Renault RS F1 basic skin.

    2. A stretched Trailer without any Sense to know what it is.
      May be, he has forgotten the Skin?

      =Copyrights, all rights reserved. Don’t uploads, don’t edit, don’t re-edit.= hat for? LOL

      1. smarttoys013

        Hi. It’s my first skin created by me. Even if it’s not perfect. It’s not hard to do.

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          Yeah & it’s just ###### to upload it.

          1. smarttoys013

            Hello. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Easy, see?

        2. This mod replaces the original bring (which is not yours).
          Do you want to learn?
          1- replace in all the definitions files the name bring with your new name, and also in the material folder (check well)
          2- in this path: vehicle / trailer_owned / upgrade / paintjob / scs_box / bring you replace it with your new name.
          3- Now you have to overwrite all the tobj files where you find only bring replace with your new name, important for this operation you need a software for tobj (that’s fine also on ETS2studio)
          4- if you did everything right you should have your new standalone mod, if you have problems repeat all the operations and you will see that you will succeed.
          CiaoZ non parlo l’Inglese.

          1. smarttoys013

            We can find a free template trailer skin on internet.
            If somebody publish online skin_trailer.scs or .zip for free, you can edit, create a new skin.
            If you don’t like, don’t use it.
            Is not hard to learn how to make. 🙂

  2. “If somebody publish online skin_trailer.scs or .zip for free, you can edit, create a new skin.
    If you don’t like, don’t use it.”

    You should respect the Authors of the Originals and as zoso says, you should learn the new Painting System.
    We don´t talk about Templates. We talk about to create your own Skins and not using Skins from “JohnnyBoy59” to overwrite.
    The way, how you write here, you show no Respect for Modders, which doing this about Years.

    Last Year somebody takes the same way as you. Taking a Trailer from us and changing just the Skin. Reported and one Hour later he was DELETED.

    zoso has explained the way to create own Skins.

    1. I think the boy didn’t like my help,
      from his answer we understand everything, I lost only 5 minutes but it is not important PATIENCE.
      CiaoZ JoachimK

      1. smarttoys013

        Opa, baietul @zoso nu a inteles mesajele mele, nu-i nimic. Cand @zoso si @ Joachimk invatau sa lucereze cu skinuri si modul, deja aveam cunostinte si info si pasiune despre autocamioane si restul autovehiculelor de acum 34 de ani. 🙂 Vorba unui amic de al meu din Banat ( Timisoara ): “Nu-i bai. Sti ce zic?” Da, exact, de la 10 ani am pasiunea. E bine ca va spuneti parerea aici.

  3. Tupac-Boy

    smarttoys013 no le hagas caso a estos niñas que siempre lo q hacen es descrminar el trabajo de todos ..yo creo que son parte de ellos porque se sienten solo…sin compañeros amigos etc..exitos compi con lo que imagines!! no des importancia a las niñas ratas !!!

    1. Wow, you are too cowardly and sneaky !
      Write in English that everybody understands your Blaming!
      Poor Boy… LOL

      “smarttoys013 do not pay attention to these girls who always do what they do is describe the work of all .. I think they are part of them because they feel alone … without friends etc., success compi with what you imagine! do not give importance to girls rats!”

      1. smarttoys013

        Salut. Daca zici tu, asa o fi. 🙂

      2. tupac-boy

        Aprende idiomas niño rata!!! se nota que no terminaste los estudios ignorante!!

    2. smarttoys013

      Lo que dices no está relacionado con la piel que creé. Nadie puede entender nada de lo que has escrito. No me gusta ni está en desacuerdo, ignora.
      Sencillo. No puedo pasar tiempo contigo o con otras personas para explicarlas en inglés, rumano o español. La pasión por los autos y el arte de conducir son mucho más antiguos, tienen más de 10 años y tienen 34 años. Realmente tuve negocios en la vida real con y sobre los autos. – ¿Ahora entiendes? Sí? Me alegro Tampoco me gustan algunas pieles y formas. No me importa lo que escribas allí. Es tu opinión y eso.
      🙂 De lo contrario, no sabes, no te conozco. Buen día, Dios ayuda.

    3. smarttoys013

      @Tupac-Boy – If you do not like the administrator or think that the skin I have created must no longer be public, put it on and ready. And ready with your fringe, you do not even know me. It ends off-topic, back to the on-topic about my skin.

      1. tupac-boy

        I said do not worry about the comments of these children rats, you decide on what your imagination creates … strong!

        1. You will be rat and all those like you, including your friend. What do you want to prove to be the smartest? you have the wrong address.

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