German City Names v 1.3 for ProMods 2.25

This mod should be placed above all other map mods in the mod manager!
Tested with version 1.30 of the game; it should also work with newer/older versions.

Adds German translations of the cities of the following maps/DLCs:
– vanilla map
– DLC “Going East!”
– DLC “Scandinavia”
– DLC “Vive la France!”
– DLC “Italia”
– ProMods v2.25
in brackets.
Example: “Praha (Prag)”

If you discover a new city, only the German translation will be displayed – “PRAG”.

To some other cities – mainly France and the UK – were added dialect names of this cities with slashes. Example: “Huesca/Uesca”

The capitals of all countries are written in CAPITAL LETTERS on the map. (E. G.: “BRATISLAVA (Pressburg)”)


– Cities of Italy DLC added
– Files for HungaryMap / ItalyMap mods removed

– Small bugs fixed
– Adapted for 1.30

– Adaption for HungaryMap by Frank007 – use other file!
– Fixed spelling mistakes

– Adaption for ItalyMap v2.0 by Renzo243 and Deco13
– Wrong displayed city names fixed
– Missing German city names adde

For news, visit

Topolino, ProMods Team


11 Responses to German City Names v 1.3 for ProMods 2.25

  1. Florin says:

    These kind of mods should stop! Country and city names SHOULD NOT be translated! For example the city of Wroclaw should be named Wroclaw in both english and german, since it’s the REAL name of the city from the polish language, not Breslau. The same applies for Bucureşti and other similar cities. Yes, it’s BUCUREŞTI, not Bucharest because we’re not translating Madrid or Amsterdam to something else.

    • Frate says:

      You dont need to use it

    • Topolino says:

      Keep calm, nobody forces you to use it.
      Firstly, this mod make the German names being displayed only in brackets behind the original names.
      Secondly, BUCUREŞTI is a word with doesn’t fit to the German spelling and grammar rules, so it was adapted to them – Bukarest. Also, the people in England write „Munich“ instead of „München“, they don’t know the letter „ä“ (or „ö“ or „ü“ or even „ß“ which is unique in German-speaking countries)
      Other German names where given to a time in which the city belonged to Germany (like some in Poland). So the Polish names are the translated ones in this case.
      That’s the developement of the past thousend years – I have nothing to do with that. All people in Germany use the names „Warschau“, „Bukarest“ or „Breslau“ instead of Warszawa, Bucuresti or Wroclaw.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi, unfortunately, ETS2 crashes.

    Best regards,

    • Topolino says:

      Which error(s) appear(s) in your command line?

  3. Michael says:

    The ETS2 crashes during the charging process.

  4. Michael says:




    • Topolino says:

      I can’t find German City Names mod in your game.log file…
      Are you sure that the crash is caused by my mod?

  5. Michael says:

    With the German City Names Mod the ETS2 crashes and without German City Names it works without problems.

    Gamelog with German City Names Mod:

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