German tv news mod by mc2rok

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This mod modifies video player to german tv news.

It allows you to put your own video file and play it in your truck, too.
1.33+ “Video player [mod is frozen]” file for free at steam my file
3.activate both files in mod order
4.”Video player [mod is frozen]” file must be below my video part2
file game buy the video player and put it in your cabin wherever you want.
6. if you want to put your own video to your player follow my instructions in my readme file.



8 thoughts on “German tv news mod by mc2rok

  1. heres author of this mod. when the screen is colored then you have to use a white color for your truck

    1. Eu Driver

      With video start-prewaiw, see WHITE Scania 🙂 yes, he use white paint. BTW-good mod 🙂

  2. Vito Bovino

    a me non funziona

  3. cool mod but whwn i put another video is not showing. please help

    1. do exactly the steps that are shown in the last line of my readme file

      1. na area dos mods, esta incompativel o arquivo 2

  4. how it work

  5. esta incompativel com a versao 1.33
    quais as dlc que tenho de ter ???

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