GerMap v 1.1 (Bugfix release)

For game version 1.35. Scandinavia, Italia and Beyond the Baltic Sea DLCs ARE REQUIRED!
Compatible with all other maps EXCEPT ProMods!

This mod adds roads in Northern Germany and Denmark.

After some critical bugs were detected (invisible walls, flags on the road, AI vehicles disappearing), I decided to bring out a bugfix release for the map.

Changes in v1.1
– Fixed several bugs

Changes in v1.0
in Denmark:
– small town Tønder
– Primaerroute 11 from Esbjerg to border
– small texture changes around Esbjerg
– Esbjerg extended
in Germany:
– small town Husum (invisible)
– city of Flensburg
– B5 from border to Husum
– B201 from Husum to Flensburg
– parts of B199 and B76
– rebuilt A7 from border to Schleswig, including exits 2 and 5
– more than 200 kilometres of in-game roads
– 7 unique loading screens

Topolino, The Nightgames (map); Kirrou (prefabs); feliweigi (signs)


11 thoughts on “GerMap v 1.1 (Bugfix release)

  1. stürtzt immer ab wenn ich von flensburg über die grenze nach dänemarke will 🙁 bitte ausbessern !!!!!!

    1. Topolino

      Könntest du mir deine game.log.txt-Datei schicken?

  2. invisible+walls+In+Flensborg+and+Esbjerg

  3. broken makes my game crash

    1. Topolino

      Could you send me your game.log.txt so I can have a look what might causes the issue?

  4. why no Promods
    is the best map

    1. Topolino

      Because ProMods already has this area.

  5. Klasse Gemacht,ich habe noch keine Feler Gefunden, Mach Weiter so und mach Mehr davon ist Ein Kleine Bereicherung!!! Gruß Andy.

    1. Topolino

      Danke für das Lob! 🙂

  6. kut met peren 🙁

  7. great!! working well..Love it..

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