GerMap v1.0 (Flensburg Edition)

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For game version 1.35. Scandinavia, Italia and Beyond the Baltic Sea DLCs are required!

This mod adds roads in Northern Germany and Denmark.

in Denmark:
– small town Tønder
– Primaerroute 11 from Esbjerg to border
– small texture changes around Esbjerg
– Esbjerg extended
in Germany:
– small town Husum (invisible)
– city of Flensburg
– B5 from border to Husum
– B201 from Husum to Flensburg
– parts of B199 and B76
– rebuilt A7 from border to Schleswig, including exits 2 and 5
– more than 200 kilometres of in-game roads
– 7 unique loading screens

Topolino, The Nightgames (map); Kirrou (prefabs); feliweigi (signs)


5 thoughts on “GerMap v1.0 (Flensburg Edition)

  1. RentnerTV

    ProMods Support?

    1. Nein

  2. auch für die promods ??

    1. Nein

  3. I forgot to write it into the description:
    This map should be compatible with any other map EXCEPT ProMods. (Using with ProMods is useless since they have covered this areas.)

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