GhostDK Misty Mod

GhostDK Misty Mod changes the weather to a more misty and fall like scenery.

It’s not misty and foggy all the time, it contains some rain as well and basically it’s nice and clear at night but misty more or less from dusk till dawn.

Use the slider “Rain probability” in gameplay options to choose for mist more or less often. Set it to the right to get the most misty weather.

The mod is developed on ETS2 ver. 1.30 and do NOT run on lower versions!



One thought on “GhostDK Misty Mod

  1. Looks very nice, I have two questions: Is it compatible with Promods 2.25?
    And does that full moon in the pictures appear every night or there are more versions of it?
    Thanks in advance.

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