Glass Stickers for your Truck

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Hello @ all Truckers.
The mod is represented GlassSticker in your trucks with different Stickers. Only for standard trucks in game ❗
Thanks Trobago for here Permission & please not reupload !
Have Fun & Best Regards MrGermanTruck

Tobra, SCS Software, MrGermanTruck


10 thoughts on “Glass Stickers for your Truck

  1. THX;)

  2. You FORGOT CREDIT ******* “driver” !!!! SMG stickers!!!! only RESKINED!!!! 🙁 REFLUX!!!! ###### colaborante gestapo “youtuber” !!!

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Not correct, this mod is original from trobago – signs on your Truck, and i have the permission from him. This is not the mod from SMG Stickers !

  3. Eu Driver is a ######

  4. Charro Logistics

    After unzipping it, and crashing my game several times, I figured out it is not a zip file, just copy and paste it in your mod folder.
    Silly me, ha ha….

  5. Any side window slots??

  6. I+need+password!

    1. Janis Petersons

      pasword pleas

  7. password please..

  8. bitte auf 1.37 updaten

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