Glass Stickers for your Truck

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Hello @ all Truckers.
The mod is represented GlassSticker in your trucks with different Stickers. Only for standard trucks in game ❗
Thanks Trobago for here Permission & please not reupload !
Have Fun & Best Regards MrGermanTruck

Tobra, SCS Software, MrGermanTruck


13 thoughts on “Glass Stickers for your Truck

  1. THX;)

  2. Eu Driver

    You FORGOT CREDIT ******* “driver” !!!! SMG stickers!!!! only RESKINED!!!! 🙁 REFLUX!!!! ###### colaborante gestapo “youtuber” !!!

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Not correct, this mod is original from trobago – signs on your Truck, and i have the permission from him. This is not the mod from SMG Stickers !

      1. password please…

  3. Eu Driver is a ######

  4. Charro Logistics

    After unzipping it, and crashing my game several times, I figured out it is not a zip file, just copy and paste it in your mod folder.
    Silly me, ha ha….

  5. Any side window slots??

  6. I+need+password!

    1. Janis Petersons

      pasword pleas

  7. password please..

  8. bitte auf 1.37 updaten

  9. Ich finde es sch…. wenn ein Mod präsendiert wird wo man ein Passwort braucht was soll das wenn du den Mod schon veröffentlichst dann gib auch das Passwort dazu das man die Datei nutzen kann.

  10. Could you update this mod please? Or share the password so me or someone else could try to make it work with the latest updates.

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