Gloomy Weather Mod v 1.0

Gloomy-Weather-1 Gloomy-Weather-2 Gloomy-Weather-3

This mod replaces the default weather with grey, overcast, misty weather.

All day grey skies and mist
Darker lighting during day
Improved rain
Darker lighting and skies during rainy weather
Darker nights
Lower temperatures
No thunder or lightning
Also Compatible with Early and Late autumn mods

Compatibility: 1.21, 1.20

This mod is also compatible with the Early & Late weather mods but not with Frosty or other winter mods.

Author: Grimes


3 thoughts on “Gloomy Weather Mod v 1.0

  1. RetroSpectre

    This is nice mod man but I think instead of it being a separate mod, its should just be in your Autumn mod as variables. So all these features will just just be variables instead pf replacing all the nice day stuff. Example, One day its (default of your autumn mod) nice and bright and blue out, but the next morning, the sky is grey and dark. Or another example, it was a nice day but rain rolls in and it get noticeably darker because of the rain clouds (like in this mod). Its just suggestions but I know next to nothing of modding and its probably easier said than done. Either way keep this quality work coming Grimes!

    1. Thanks mate. Unfortunately in ETS2 you can only have one or the other, there is only one weather file for nice weather and one for rainy weather. Would be nice if ETS2 included more files then you could get a lot more diversity in the weather.

      1. RetroSpectre

        Awe man that’s unfortunate. But hey this is still awesome, thanks for the mods!

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