Golcan Bibendum Custom v 1.05

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This MOD adds Monsieur Bibendum addon-hookup from Michelin DLC customized with traditional clothes and other characters (painted).
Others could be added in the future, if possible.
Tested on: ETS2 version 1.27 onwards.
Michelin DLC is required.

Version: 1.05 – 10/12/2017
– Added Santa Bibendum.
Version: 1.04 – 06/12/2017
– Changed shader for lighting.
– Added Finnish traditional clothes Bibendum.
– Added Italian traditional clothes Bibendum.
– Added blue body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added brown body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added cyan body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added green body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added grey body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added orange body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added pink body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added purple body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added red body and yellow sash Bibendum.
– Added AlexeyP to credits.
Version: 1.03 – 09/03/2017
– Added Dutch traditional clothes Bibendum.
– Added Scottish traditional clothes Bibendum.
– Added Swedish traditional clothes Bibendum.
– Added black body and gray sash Bibendum.
– Fixed capitalization in readme file.
– Fixed shadow meshes.
– Added abasstreppas to credits.
Version: 1.02 – 13/02/2017
– Added German traditional clothes Bibendum.
Version: 1.01 – 09/02/2017
– Added white body and blue sash Bibendum.
– Increased size of model images in store items, for enhanced visibility.
Version: 1.0 – 07/02/2017
– Initial release.

SCS Software,golcan
My special thanks to Smarty for his help on tiles.
My special gratitude to 50keda for all his help on lighting.
My special thanks to abasstreppas for his help on lighting.
My special thanks to AlexeyP for his help on particles.

Remove any previous version of the MOD in Mod Manager (if any).
Copy the MOD file into the mod subdirectory and mark it as active in the MOD Manager.
Once the MOD is enabled, you will find the customized Monsieur Bibendum available in the store.

This MOD is intended for your personal use only. Reuploading and/or redistribution of it are prohibited. Respect original download link and credits.

Please, use the thread http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=228570 in SCS Software site for comments and questions.

SCS Software, golcan


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7 thoughts on “Golcan Bibendum Custom v 1.05

  1. Thanks for this update.
    Is it possible to create Masha e Orso? (Masha and bear)

    1. Hi mate. This mod is about *Monsieur* Bibendum. It represents a man (male). Sorry, but I don’t think that making what you request is possible.

  2. Alberto Vasquez

    Wow, Thanks for the update, this mod I really like and is my favorite. Zozo I also think it would be great to include Masha and bear or garfield

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. Thank you very much for making a video about the mod! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I forgot to mention in the description that a no bloom mod is recommended, so the lighting do not look so shiny. I will include this suggestion in the next release. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Ok thanks a lot for the mod and your reply.
        It was not a request it was just an idea to have other items besides the little man (Michelin)
        CiaoZ e Buon Natale

        1. I have already planned to create a separate mod with other characters than Monsieur Bibendum, so I’ll take into account your idea for that mod. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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