Goldhofer Flatbed v 3.5

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This mod adds the trailer Goldhofer Flatbed in normal and extended version for ATS and ETS2.Previous version called Goldhofer extendable empty trailer.


– Standalone: Yes
– Advance Coupling: Yes
– Trailer Selection: Yes
– Multilanguage: Yes
– Collisions: Yes
– Color selection : Yes
– Colors : Yellow and Red
– Lifting axles : Yes
– Errors: None fully tested and functional

Lifting axles ready for beta 1.27

Optimized and converted for ATS and ETS2 by HABDORN

All information about this modification is contained in mod info file and can be viewed from mod manager

Please do not reupload. If you want to share my mod use my original link

Thank you



10 thoughts on “Goldhofer Flatbed v 3.5

  1. Neither 1.27 Beta nor 1.27 Stable is out.
    Why do you write it is possible for that Version ?

    Stop confusing us ….

    1. Kevin56435

      The thing is, he mean you can use it in 1.27 beta when it comes out..
      When you don’t understand english.. than don’t write anything pls

      1. I do

        I think it is the wrong time to write it in the description

        Peace out

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26…

    1. You’re always Diablo?
      If that’s you you’re sorry if I attacked you
      but if you have changed your name, I did not recognize you.
      Please answer me thanks

  3. @MGA7 This test in beta 1.27 that has not been released for you is something else

    1. Then explain me

  4. Так я понял он добавляется во все компании как отдельный груз?

  5. not working in ets2 1.26.2

  6. #### you not working in Vive la France

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