Goldhofer trailer ETS2

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Goldhofer extendable empty and load trailer

– Weight: 15 Tons Empty
– Weight: 33 Tons Load
– Weight: 39 Tons Extra Load Extended
– Axles: 4 Axles
– Color: RED
– Lights: 8 led lights
– ETS Version: 1.26 and up
– Standalone: Yes
– Advance Coupling: Yes
– Collisions: Yes
– Errors: None fully tested and functional

Completely converted by habdorn



8 thoughts on “Goldhofer trailer ETS2

  1. What kind of car?
    Give a link

  2. HD Video Test 1.26..

  3. Share a link on the car

  4. @marco
    You mean the Scania ?
    It’s from RJL
    You’ll find it on World of Truck (SCS website)

  5. The “Emty weight” of the Trailer is 15.100kg. Its the “trailer_mass:” in the “chassis.sii”. It must be “trailer_mass: 15100.0” not “trailer_mass: 8200.0”. And for an empty trailer you have no “mass” in the “cargo.sii”.
    You have emty weight of 8200kg plus “no Cargo” weight of 15000kg.

  6. fix please.. i love this trailer.. but trailer shadow is not real 🙁 …

  7. @JESAN

    I did not find. can you give a link or download a modification?


    dont use together with Standalone Trailers Pack. Game is crashing when you are close toc ity where is Tree-ET company.

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