Golf MK6 1.4 TSI

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Works only at 1.28 of ETS2 and ATS

MAN dealer.

The mod contains:
Two optional fog lights, white and yellow (turn on with rotating light)
Metallic and normal painting
Environmental occlusion
Wheels for painting
Original interior

Free to edit, just keep credits
If you are going to post on your site, keep the original link

(Sorry for bad English, I’m using the translator)



27 thoughts on “Golf MK6 1.4 TSI

  1. Please make a nice and detailed Dodge Avenger SXT soon.

    1. or Jeep Compass Trailhawk with 2.4L

      1. If you pay for it… 😉

        1. Why would you pay for a mod?

          1. You want him to make something for you… If you still don’t know why you should pay you don’t understand greedy world

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Very Nice… 10/10
    HD Video Test 1.28…

  3. Best car mod since skoda car. Great Work 😉

  4. Very nice! Legendary! 9999999999/1

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. Adrian G.

    Sound engine exactly like the original car, kudos.

  7. Sergiu RO

    Also works on the sensitivity of the steering wheel because it’s too hard to go with the car on the keyboard, thank you

  8. kaptan007

    it has nice car from truck mod
    break has good then another cars
    sound good
    interior and lights good

  9. Can you make it compatible with car trailers, please?

  10. Adrian G.

    Upgraded the game, now this baby works on my PC too.

  11. alexander

    Man you are so good at this, the most thing i appreciate is that you made the tachometer working so correcly, it is perfect, if you could do with the skoda superb’s tachometer the same thing ( i mean trying to make the needle of the tachometer stopping at 7000 RPM) i’ll be so thankful. Great work and keep going you are genius.

  12. cuz+the+3d+model+is+so+expensive

  13. 1.30 version piz??

  14. fifa18

  15. Samyved Rajput


  16. Simon Han

    Hello! Can any of you make a mod like this, but compatible with v. 1.26? Please!

  17. Nice game

  18. 1.37 fix ?

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