Golf MKII GTI AI car


This is mod for game Euro Truck Simulator 2, and it is AI vehicle.

This is not new AI car (that would require changing lot of def files
and this mod
than cen become problem for other mods) but it replaces Audi A3.

It is still in Beta state but you can try it and tell me what need to
be changed.
Inside colors are random and it can be chaged in secund but I don’t
know in what color.

This mod is not locked or anything BUT pleace don’t take my work and
call it yours.
If you want to include this car in some map or big modpack or what
ever, ask me
and put me in credits. 馃槈

Author: Srele


9 Responses to Golf MKII GTI AI car

  1. jesper torp says:


  2. Sarkissian says:

    Would love it more if it was stand alone, not replacing the Audi A3.

    • Srele says:

      It will be pain in the neck because then I need to edit .sii files for all countries in “def\country” folder.
      It is not problem for me, but then it is problem for someone who have some other map mod in game, because some maps have new AI cars and if they put my mod after this map (add more letters “z” at begining of filename) AI cars from that map won’t be in game. If they put mine mod before map mod then he/she won’t see my new AI car.
      Who knows how to edit mods? To unpack them and repack again? Just few of players.
      So… this is replacement for Audi A3 but it can be other version when it is new AI car.

  3. Sarkissian says:

    Okay, I’ll do it myself then.

  4. batak says:

    Steta sto nije GTD ;P

  5. Jake88 says:

    Is it compatable with 1.4.8s ?

  6. MAXI says:

    Please No Ai
    In Shom and buy and drive!

  7. niknor2015 says:

    袩袨袞袗袥校袡小孝袗?! 袨袘袧袨袙袠孝袝 袛袥携 袧袨袙蝎啸 袙袝袪小袠袡 1.21 啸? 小袩袗小袠袘袨 袙袗袦! 5+++++! 小 袧袝孝袝袪袩袝袧袠袝袦 袘校袛校 袨袞袠袛袗孝鞋 袨孝 袙袗小 袧袨袙蝎袝 袦袨袛袝袥袠!

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