Google-maps terrain map by gibanica


Google-maps terrain map for Euro truck simulator 2 map background.
– google-maps terrain map with countries and capitals names.
– google-maps route markers for places and destinations.
– undiscovered city is marked as a big city on google maps.
– route colors are edited through “def” folder – not included.

Compatibile with: Promods and tested on 1.21.



17 thoughts on “Google-maps terrain map by gibanica

  1. Greg aka Veritas1983

    Hey gibanica,

    I just love to see this kind of map background!
    Any chance I could do the same using the background I have used in the Editor or could help me by making a Google Maps background for my map?
    Here’s the project I’m working on:

    Best wishes,

  2. Can you post your Route colors which you used?

  3. hannibaljazz

    hey what map to get iceland?

  4. hannibaljazz

    what map to get iceland?

    1. Iceland is included in ProMods:

  5. Looking really cool – can you add support for Poland Rebuilding and RusMap too?

    1. boleromcky

      Man it is supported for poland rebuilding, russia map to, and for all maps except the standalone ones

  6. Is it compatible with dlc scandinavia?

  7. Donatoo92

    This mod works with dlc ?

  8. this is a awsome idea for a mod but sadly it does not work well with yhe standared map nor the rest it misplaced citys and roads please make another version of this mod it is a awsome idea for a mod

    1. Yes, it seems it works well with promods, but not so within default map.

      1. will you update this mod?

        1. probably, I will, to work with default one

          1. Awsome Thanks!

  9. On my computer the map is displace Sweden cities ended up in Finland. I have no map mode installed (Unless Satans 19990 wintermod changes the map) I have Steam ETS 2 1.22.x 64 both DLCs installed I also have Satan 19990s Real company mod.

  10. WobblyCaptain

    From what I have read here but not tested it seems to work well with the other big mod maps but as mentioned above on the default man its misplaced with the land map with is a shame.

  11. still works with 1.3.1

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