Google Maps View for World Map

The appearance of the main map and other menus map in the game will change as Google Maps.

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16 thoughts on “Google Maps View for World Map

  1. tebrik ederim

  2. Shut up and take my money!!!

    1. What do you say? 😀

  3. please made this compatible with Promods, Rusmap, Southern Region

    1. Move this mod up in mod manager.

  4. I have downloaded, I have looked, fashion it is password-protected. The author, itself use such spendthrift!

  5. I think your head is beautiful xd im guess nikola

  6. başka haritalarda’da çalışıyormu düzenli olarak kardeşim güzel olmuş eline sağlık birde sesli nagivasyon olsa süper olucak xd

    1. Harita modları eğer dünya haritasının görünümünü değiştirmiyorsa çalışması lazım. Bu modu mod yöneticisindeki sağdaki sıralamada en yukarıya taşıman yeterli heralde, ben harita modu indirmedim hiç bilmiyorum.

  7. what to spend

    1. what to spend shunya

  8. TraxLord94

    How the hell did you compressed over 100mb into 789kb? Please tell because that can help a lot with my mods & my PSD’s.


    1. Because this files dds format images files, this format good compress.

  9. NaughtyRaven

    Nice work. Will you make the night version darker? It would be nice to present 🙂

  10. bonjour c’est quoi le mot de passe merci a vous

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