Gooseneck Container Skinpack 2


Author: Sliipais


4 Responses to Gooseneck Container Skinpack 2

  1. 2x2 says:

    Game has brocken with it pack 🙁

  2. sliipais says:

    If you have mod from Roadhunter – ” ets2_gooseneck_container_new_mapped.scs ” , delete it . Use just one of the volume pack – 1,2,3 . Just one !

  3. Adyx says:

    The game crashes with this mod. Tested on v1.2.5

  4. sliipais says:

    Yes ,I was checked files again and found were’s the problem . Crashed vol. 3!!! Here correct vol.3 – . Hope you enjoy’s

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