Gordon Gilder Skin for DAF & Scania (SCS & 50K)


Metallic Gordon Gilder skin for both SCS & 50k Scania & DAF.



8 Responses to Gordon Gilder Skin for DAF & Scania (SCS & 50K)

  1. fayee says:


  2. zoso says:

    great job, where can I find the colored wheels for scania? Reply ciao

  3. furious59400 says:

    does not work for me, the game crash when I want to start the truck?

  4. Baba says:

    masterpiece, very good painting job

    works perfect

  5. Jack says:

    very good skin just wondering if you could do a skin of my dads lorries ?

    • speedy143 says:

      I can always look, what are they?

      • jack price says:

        hi plz can i have the skin template for the skin so i can export it so it can go on rjl cuz wanna make my dads cuz he actually works their and the rjl has all stuff i need to make my dads lorry (d14 ggg)
        my dad wants me to do it so he can show #### gilder so i can give him a idea on a new lorry deisighn! thx and also i hash tagged the boss name cuz i’m not shore he wants me to say it!
        plz do it as quick as you can my eamial is [email protected] !

  6. ChrisTrucker says:

    Download Link missing

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