GPS change for all Trucks by adi2003de v 1.0

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This mod change the GPS Angle for the 3D map …
It changes the Colors of Streets on the GPS and the navigated Line.
It changes the icons on Map

This mod is make for Promods Map …

You can use it for other maps to, but then the mapzoom isn´t right on the worldmap …

If enough people want it for other Maps .. i will make it for other Maps too …



15 thoughts on “GPS change for all Trucks by adi2003de v 1.0

  1. Very good mod .
    Thanks for sharing .
    Is it possible make it for TSM Map and Mario Map please ?

    Thanks very much

    1. adi2003de

      sure. maybe next Month i will make a compilation for all other maps ( not all .. but the most 😀 )

      1. Thanks very much and keep good your working.
        We will wait the time will necessary for you.
        Sorry for my bad english.

        1. adi2003de

          you´re welcome. It is a better English than mine 😀 all good 😀

  2. Best GPS!!

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Very good mod.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Is it possible making for TSM Map and Mario Map please ?

    Thank you

  4. kingeborga

    Great, will download.
    Could you please say, what’s the dashboard computer that you are using? Thanks!

    1. adi2003de

      it is from piva .. you can get it here on

  5. Sotka_GER

    Looks fine for me, makes my HUD more useful!

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you 🙂

  6. buffalosoldier

    Tested, and it works! Really helpful and the mod makes seeing GPS easier than the stock GPS mode.
    Pls make it compatible with SR Maps, Project Blakans, RusMap! Keep up the great work!

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you for your Review .. I will see what i can make 🙂

  7. I got this mod from and I had an issue regarding the not_discovered road on the map which is white just as the discovered road. Can you fix it?

    1. Adrian Grass

      no because you download it on a other Platform .. so search the support there .. Not here where you get the original .. 😉

      Maybe you are realy dumb!

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