Do not upload again to other servers,
keep my links if you want to share them.
Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission

The mod is intended only for the basic SCS + DLC map
(The fix for other maps will definitely appear when these maps adapt to version 1.36)

Mod adds
– compliant with dx 11
– speed limiter position change
– changes colors
– changes the look of a road adviser
– smaller mirror size on the F2 key
– new icons on the map

This version includes repairs related to the game upgrade to version 1.36 and the new DLC map
Fixed missing textures during weight control
The map zoom and calibration have been improved

Mod tested on version
Works fine. If you notice any errors, let me know in the comments in the next version

If you like it and want more of my mods
support children’s charity campaigns


DOWNLOAD 151 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 151 KB [Modsbase]

5 thoughts on “GPS RG PRO 3.0 LED

  1. when it hits a very bright ray of light

    1. mariankot

      In the real world, so is the natural effect

  2. Manfred Auer

    thank you i love this mod in my truck

    1. mariankot


  3. db Serpentis

    Bonjour, votre travail est fantastique !!!!! merci beaucoup. A partir d’aujourd’hui je vous suis. Si vous étiez sur Steam je me serai abonné ! merci 1000 fois.

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