Grain Tipper v 2.0

Grain-Tipper-1 Grain-Tipper-2

Replaces Aerodynamic trailer
Fully skinnable
PMG open so feel free to edit the trailer

Version 2.0:
– Fixed texture error on the front
– Mudflap now skinable through texture
– Sheet over the top does not show through the back or sides of the trailer

Authors: SCS, AW 3D Mods


13 Responses to Grain Tipper v 2.0

  1. AlexCrazy says:

    not standalone = $hit

    • Mrrf says:

      Shut up buddy. It is better than original Aerodynamic. Don’t like it? Don’t download.

    • Deathstroke says:

      AlexCrazy can you do better? because if you can do one yourself and shut up moaning and make it yourself

    • sergeant says:

      Shut up or do it better my little pussy.
      The modder did a good job for us and he´s still at work for this…

    • Chris Webster says:

      Yes of course I forgot about the epic, perfect in every way tipper that you made……….Oh wait you didn’t make one did you?
      If you can make a better one then do it, if not shut the f**k up.
      It’s not exactly like it’s hard to make it standalone anyway, and as the modder has given permission for edits I may just do that. Although the aerodynamic trailer is no big loss anyway, I’d rather have this.

    • V8Driver says:

      Yeah,shut your small mouth ,baby!If you can do better ,then do ,and comment your mod!But of curse,you are three years old and you can’t make even skin!

    • V8Driver says:

      And if you like standalone,then make this mod standalone yourself,mod does not have any key!

  2. jacob says:

    Whats the map

  3. @dr_jaymz says:

    looks very nice… thanks!

  4. kanez says:

    yea whats the map ?

  5. phil says:

    Can you do a template for this?

  6. Nick says:

    The only thing i believe that should be changed is the colour. It should have a white colour or even a real company colour. But still it’s perfect!!!!!

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