Grain Trailer by AW 3d Mods V1.27

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This is a trailer mod by [blue]AW 3D Mods[normal] Update by [orange]SMG[normal].

[green]ETS2 1.27.xx + all DLCs[normal]

Trailer Standalone with Standard Cargos

[orange]Braunkohle HF Trailer[normal]
+ 1 Liftaxe
[orange]add Kipp Animation per Brake[normal]

Skin by Trucker Bill @

Trailer to Traffic

This is the SMG version from Grain Trailer

Visit Base:
AW 3D Mods
update by SchuLLis Mod Garage

AW 3D Mods, Trucker Bill, SMG


3 thoughts on “Grain Trailer by AW 3d Mods V1.27

  1. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  2. sad. really nice trailer, but again same problem.
    vanishing tires/wheels. 🙁

  3. Is there a way to paint the wheels?

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