Grand Cherokee SRT8


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Standlone (Volvo dealer), physics, interior.
Tested on
Must work on newest versions.


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30 thoughts on “Grand Cherokee SRT8

  1. trucker129

    it wood be good if was put into scs and not zip

    1. Put it into your mods folder and it should work fine.

      1. Nope,its not working :/

        1. BelganRescueGuy112

          Doesn’t work on my PC ( ETS2 )

  2. video?

      1. @dr_jaymz


  3. This mod is good !!

  4. ronaldinho123

    Awesome.You just made my day buddy. Thanks.

  5. doesn’t work on 1.10.1 🙁

  6. Full-HD 1080p video of the car with commentary! check it out! 🙂

  7. simoschmitz

    Hi i think this is first car mod works fine..physics interior everything and not drop the fps of computer, Man good job is really cool work ;).

  8. @dr_jaymz

    very nice mod, the only lack is the similar grand cherokee sound, everything else is very good. thanks!

  9. make ai traffic please so nice mod

  10. Henry Nguyen

    Nice mod, thanks for making this!


  12. Very nice, thanks a lot.
    If you have time, create a Mustang GT !!!

  13. origenal sound pls…….awesome mod super like

  14. Truck driver robin

    Great mod !!! thanks. BUT, in night. when i put on my lights , the lights in the back wont go on 🙁 and i would like to have more tuning options please ?!

    Sorry for my bad english , im from holland.

    1. Truck driver robin

      tuning options like : Spoiler , bumperkit , wheels , exhausts , interior , engine , gearbox , lights !! PLEASSEEE !!??


  15. How do you install it with out scs file?

  16. MaxOfSteel

    Nice interior! Best car mod ever!!!

    Great mod !! thanks

  17. mercure007

    Best car mod ever! Amazing design work But…(write in french sorry)
    1 : Voiture trop légère ou alors centre de gravité trop haut.(elle se retourne trop facilement au moindre coup de volant)
    2 : Vue intérieur trop haute ou pare-brise trop petit (mauvaise vivibsilité)?
    3 : Bruit moteur d’origine camion.
    4 : Trop de couple moteur. et une boite 6 vitesse serait mieux.
    Thanks for this mod Kiril73.

  18. I had a very bad day… but it’s made my day!

  19. can you create a vw golf7 or golf 6 ???

  20. Unexpectedly good for a mod like this. A bit bouncy, but overall awesome. Made a video of it, if you wanna see it roll. (and crash! :D)

  21. I LOVE THIS MOD… Can you create tuning options ?
    And the real sound engine ?

    BEST CAR MOD EVER !!!!!!!

  22. Very nice mod! Work on 1.10.1 😀

  23. just rename the rar to .scs and put it into your mod folder and activate it in game 😉

  24. oooh!!! – Gotta give this a go.

    Thanks for sharing.

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