Graphic and Weather Mod by adi2003de (May Version)

Change of the Daytime/nighttime to the realtime …
Change of HDR effects
Change of the Rainfactor
Change the physics of the Raindrops on the Windows
Change the physics of the vehicle
Change the Physics of the Powertrain and Brakes also

Compatible with every other Weathermod ..
My mod have to activate above a other Weathermod .



3 thoughts on “Graphic and Weather Mod by adi2003de (May Version)

  1. Let me get this straight:
    “This is a graphics and WEATHER mod”

    How is it ‘Compatible with every other Weathermod ..’

    1. adi2003de

      There are no textures inside in this mod .. so you can use other mods with textures and overwrite with my mod the physics .. the day and nighttime .. etc. etc.


  2. Ahhhh, ok.
    Thanx for your reply 🙂

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