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Graphic Mod v1
– New HDR
– New Rain Drop
– Edited Models
– New Street Lamp Color
– Edited Materials
– New Road Texture

Graphic Mod v2

– Fixed Texture Errors
– NEW: sunset: 20:00 – Sunrise: 05:30
– Add New HDR Codes
– Add New Colors

**NEW** – Graphic Mod v2.1 Steam WS

– Fixed All Failed Textures
– 1000+ Environment Textures Edited
– Working (Last ETS2 Updates)


Grafik Modu v1
– Yeni HDR
– Yeni Yağmur Damlaları
– Düzenlenmiş Modeller
– Yeni Sokak Lamba Rengi
– Düzenlenmiş Malzemeler
– Yeni Yol Dokuları

Grafik Modu v2

– Doku Hataları Giderildi
– Yeni GünDoğumu: 20:00 – GünBatımı: 05:30
– Yeni HDR Kodları
– Yeni Renkler Eklendi

**NEW** – Grafik Modu v2.1 Steam WS

– Bozuk Dokular Komple Düzeltildi
– 1000’den fazla texture editlendi
– Şehir Duvarlarından Otlara Kadar Oyundaki Birsürü Şey Editlendi..

– Son ETS2 Güncellemesinde Çalışır Hale Getirildi..

Author: SmhKzl


8 thoughts on “Graphic Mod v 2.1 – SmhKzl

  1. Nice mod, thanks.

  2. Work with Promods?

  3. Does not work with TSM, you need a fix to view the entire map. With Promod untested.

  4. ArnoldBekon


    1. Thanks.

  5. What+the+password…??

  6. whoretruck

    for me i think it is the best graphic mod. i tested every existing mod. and this is definetly the best. but it dont works with promods 2.10. and that is sad. please modder do a working update for promods 2.10.

  7. work with ProMods 2.11?

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