Great Gearbox for all vehicle and trucks

great gearbox for all vehicle and trucks This is mainly for Logitech g22,g27 and all steering wheel
work with steering wheel or no
***support 1.30***
Please follow the original mod



3 Responses to Great Gearbox for all vehicle and trucks

  1. Unknow says:

    Pas mal comme mod ! Il me sert pour mon G25 add-on boite de vitesse Trust NF340 Race Master

  2. kevuk29 says:

    so whats this actually do ??? i use the G920 and i have no issues with the gearboxes gear changing so what does this mod change?

    • adi2003de says:

      that is dumb .. he add a 6 gear transmission about he is to dumb to set a splitter/range gearing …

      that is all …

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