Great Poland v 2.1 by ModsPL “bypasses” addon


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Hello truckers!
New addon is out!

New roads:
– full bypass of Warsaw (west/north/south)
– New, rebuilded A6
– New, rebuilded A8 (bypass of Wrocław)

Rebuilded roads:
– part of A1 from Łódź to Gdańsk and as bypasses of Katowice
– A2 near Łódź (3 lanes added)
– A4 from Kraków to Rzeszów
– S6 near Gdańsk
– S7 near Olsztyn
– S8 near Białystok, Warszawa, Łódź and Wrocław (also as expressway from Łódź to Wrocław)
– S8 -> southern bypass of Łódż
– S11 as Western bypass of Poznań
– S12 as Northern bypass of Lublin

Also added/rebuilded:
– added numbers of main roads in Poland
– rebuilded both ports
– added cityroad from Gdańsk to Gdynia
– company “Posped” in Lublin was replaced to Rzeszów

Mod for version 1.2.4. IT DOESN’T NEED PROMODS!
I don’t know if mod will work with other maps and mods…
If there will be some problems just write them in comments.
Have fun! 😀



26 thoughts on “Great Poland v 2.1 by ModsPL “bypasses” addon

  1. sljiva_fh

    For this map need new profile?

    1. Runardamp

      autor write in description. This map is addon so only thing what you need is add mod to manager and enjoy

      1. sljiva_fh

        Thanks 😀

  2. Very nice, but where are:
    – Manifest
    – Screen
    – Description ???

    I don´t like Errors in log… 🙁

    1. Manifest files
      Files from the archive insert mod

      1. Thank you very much 🙂

  3. Runardamp

    if you be annoyed by this errors, just add files you want by yourself

    1. That´s not the Question.
      But there are a Lot of Mods without any of this.
      We put in all our Mods the asked Modifications.
      And I have not the Time, to do the work of the Modders.

      Otherwise thanks for the Map. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Work with promods? If yes, what prority?

  5. does work with 1.25

  6. dose it need scandynavia another time? ;(

  7. Yes, it needs both DLC’s

    1. First I want to say Thanks.

      But: Which Loadorder in Mod Manager, please?
      I use 1.24+ProMods 2.10+Balkan 2.1+RusMap 1.63+Egypt Addon for ProMods. DLC East and North also. 🙂

      Actually I put it at the End of Maps and anything works. But it may be, that I have to change something in Mod Manager ?
      Thank you for an answer.

      1. Hello. I don’t have ProMods because I make this map for players that don’t want to download all the ProMods. And I don’t knowif it’ll work with any others map mods.

  8. Sokolliano

    Will it work with ProMods?

  9. #### when you make no scandynavia version ;(((

  10. kolego mam do ciebie sprawe mozesz do mnie napisac na pw

  11. geht super mir mario 11.7 für 1 .25

  12. The Travellers


  13. piotr rubik


  14. dont work on 1.25

  15. С Рус-Мап не совместима к сожалению

  16. Daniel Petkov


  17. A to ma jakiegoś wirusa albo coś bo lubie mody ale boje sie o zagrożenia. Prosze gdybys mógł napisaczy czy tak czy nie,to dzienki.

    1. twojastara

      Tak ma wirusy, downa, syfilisa i inne takie, jak twój mózg, więc czuj się bezpiecznie, kretynie.

  18. please, insert, at least, manifest.sii

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