Great Poland v 3.0 by ModsPL


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Hello truckers!
New version is out!

This mod will rebuild some main roads/motorways/highways in Republic of Poland…

New roads:
– New, rebuilded A1 near Katowice
– New, rebuilded all S8 from Łódź to Wrocław
– New crossroad A1-A4

Rebuilded roads:
– part of A1 from Łódź to Gdańsk and as bypass of Katowice
– A2 near Łódź (3 lanes added)
– A4 from Kraków to Rzeszów
– A6 – bypass of Szczecin
– A8 – bypass of Wrocław
– S6 near Gdańsk
– S7 near Olsztyn
– S8 near Białystok, Warszawa, Łódź and Wrocław (also as expressway from Łódź to Wrocław)
– S8 -> southern bypass of Łódż
– S11 as Western bypass of Poznań
– S12 as Northern bypass of Lublin
– full bypass of Warsaw (west/north/south)

Also added/rebuilded:
– added numbers of main roads in Poland
– rebuilded both Polish ports
– added cityroad from Gdańsk to Gdynia
– company “Posped” in Lublin was replaced to Rzeszów

Mod for version 1.25 IT DOESN’T NEED PROMODS!
I don’t know if mod will work with other maps and mods…
If there will be some problems just write them in comments.
Enjoy beautiful Poland! 😀



11 thoughts on “Great Poland v 3.0 by ModsPL

  1. Kiedy będziesz dodawał jakieś miasta?
    Pomyśl proszę o bramkach viatoll-a(choć by skopiowanych z Skandynawii z bramek).
    Rośnij ,mapa elegancka.

  2. Works with TSM 6.4 but no road to Rusmap

    1. Mark Tempe

      Nice map.
      Works with TSM, PJ Indo Map, EAA, RusMap under 1.25.3s, but must load at first (lowest priority) and there is the connection to Brest and the russia area.
      Mark Tempe

  3. O, A1 updated.
    Yeah, viatoll would be great. And also a road to Belarus/RusMap

  4. arnuX LTU

    working with promods????

  5. joaohenriques

    Does it works with promods?

  6. Hi, I have promods 2.11 installed. Will I have problems if I install this mod?

  7. does not work, the version I just use a 1:25 game mod folder truck without using a modification of the other.

  8. does it work with promods??

  9. For me does not working. U have 1.25 Steam and no other mods. Someone know how to fix it? Thx.

  10. Gmtavares

    Hi, I have an old mod that I re-edited to be compatible again. It adds a road from Berlin to about half way to Poznan. Do you want to include it in your project? I don’t believe you have anything in the region, so including it would be interesting.

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