Great Poland v 4.0 by ModsPL

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Hello truckers!
New version is out!

This mod will rebuild some main roads/motorways/highways in Republic
of Poland…

New roads:
– Rebuilded parts of A1 (now looks more realistic)
– New part of southern A8 (big bypass of Wrocław)
– Southern part of S3
– New S8 near Białystok
– New ferry connection Szczecin-Trelleborg (may not work on GPS but
connection works)

Rebuilded roads:
– part of A1 from Łódź to Gdańsk and as bypass of Katowice
– A2 near Łódź
– A4 from Kraków to Rzeszów
– A6 – bypass of Szczecin
– A8 – bypass of Wrocław
– S6 near Gdańsk
– S7 near Olsztyn
– S8 near Białystok, Warszawa, Łódź and Wrocław (also as
expressway from Łódź to Wrocław)
– S8 -_ southern bypass of Łódż
– S11 as Western bypass of Poznań
– S12 as Northern bypass of Lublin
– full bypass of Warsaw (west/north/south)

Also added/rebuilded:
– added numbers of main roads in Poland
– rebuilded both Polish ports
– added cityroad from Gdańsk to Gdynia
– company “Posped” in Lublin was replaced to Rzeszów

Mod for version 1.25 IT DOESN’T NEED PROMODS!
I don’t know if mod will work with other maps and mods…
If there will be some problems just write them in comments.
Enjoy beautiful Poland! 🙂



23 thoughts on “Great Poland v 4.0 by ModsPL

  1. In case you haven,t noticed,most people are on steam,and steamproducts are updated automatically,so…..most of us are on 1.26 beta and even higher 😉

  2. Steam is for me not important, I don´t have it and don´t need it.

    May be you have not noticed, that a Lot of new Mods would´nt turn on the 1.26 Beta.

    Have a nice Weekend

  3. Satana666

    request DLC Going east????

    1. Yes. Of course 🙂

  4. Czemu nie można zrobić aby działała z promods?..

    1. Przemek82W

      ProMods ma własną Polskę. 🙂

  5. work with Promods?

    1. Przemek82W


  6. Missing Model Definition ; [27/11/2016 18:45] (sec+0006-0006);27732.6;43.8205;-20283.3
    Empty model item! (0x5afbe57cb600003)
    Empty model item! (0x5afbe58d3900003)

    More than 200 lines with such message ((((

    1. Hi. Unfortunately I don’t know why you have error like this. Everything should be okay. Have you got any other maps or model mods?

      1. Hi.
        Yes, I use Great Poland with MHAPro. Therefore mistakes turn out?

        1. Sorry mate, I don’t know I’ve never used MHA before :/

          1. Thanks, I understen you.

  7. Gmtavares

    Hi, I have an old mod (not mine) that I re-edited to be compatible again (it was dead since 1.15). It adds a road from Berlin to about half way to Poznan. Do you want to include it in your project? I don’t believe you have anything in the region, so including it would be interesting.

    1. Hello. Sorry, I cannot because it isn’t your mod. You can edit mods for yourself but I’ll not put map mods from other moders. But I’m trying to make S3 from Szczecin to A2. There’ll be some roads in this region. Don’t worry 😉

      1. Gmtavares

        I completely understand. After all, all I did was change some of the def and mat files to make it compatible with more recent versions.
        If you want some pictures to get inspired, I can send it. You would not be using his work 🙂

        I don’t really know who mapped it, it was back in 2014 or 2015, I don’t know if it is still online by now.

        1. Gary Senker

          Would you mind sharing that old map Gmt?

          1. Gmtavares

            I can’t share it publically, but I can send you a link, privately. It is another modder’s work, all I did was do a check on all the mats, models, etc. to make it 100% funcional. All it adds is a road, really, If you do not mind sharing your mail, I would be able to send it to you. Posting a link here would be like sharing it 😐

  8. czy mapa działa z rus map? i czy będę mógł wjechać do Rosji przez Polskę?

    1. Oczywiście, że działa z RusMap. Sam grałem 😉

  9. Czekam na wersje 5.0 kompatybilną z wersją 1.26 bo jak na razie to nie mam dostępu do nowej Francji.

  10. Guthrie Forbes

    It is a good mod but appears to disconnect Vive la France DLC

  11. Does it work with TSim maps?

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