Great Steppe Project

“Great steppe” Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan that opens the way from Europe To Asia through the Project, RusMap. The map contains two countries: Kazakhstan and part of Russia – which was built to connect with the map RusMap. Modification works both by itself (at the right side from the main map and not associated with other, that is, Autonomous ) or in conjunction with RusMap and other modifications…

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– The way to Asia
– Flat terrain, hills, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts
– Broken roads (sometimes)
– Sparsely populated areas, long distances.

Compatibility with mods:
Map: RusMap, Southern Region, ProMods

– Compatibility with 1.30.x game version

Tested 1.30.x


DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 3

17 Responses to Great Steppe Project

  1. james says:

    These files do not process as zip files. they need to be reaccomplished so they are archived zip files.

    • @james:
      They do indeed process as zip files.
      Nothing needs to be re-accomplished (?).

      The download comprises of three parts:

      All you do is double-click on
      to open your .zip extraction program (may that be 7zip, winzip, winrar or whatever).

      You’ll get 3 files:
      RK Map_The Great Steppe – def_ v1.0.3.scs
      RK Map_The Great Steppe – map_v1.0.3.scs
      RK Map_The Great Steppe – model_v1.0.3.scs

      Those three .scs files obviously need to be copied/moved to your Mod folder.

      Hope this helps

      • Cyber says:

        Please advise link where I can get these 3 files already extracted, because when i trying to extract or open it it’s reporting an error

        • Kevin keith says:

          Try downloading the link using uc browser,the phone edition it’s already extracted and it helped me a lot. Hope this will help you to thank you.

    • spartacus33 says:

      All is perfect !!!
      Thx to Author(s)

  2. neranjana says:

    HD video test 1.30

  3. ArturR1975 says:

    Nice job!! Work perfectly with PM 😉

    Where is Southern Region? Another great map for ETS2 and PM.

  4. edsor says:

    With rus-map 1.8 not work. I’ve even tried to create a new profile, and nothing. The game crash

  5. Tim Dorrestijn says:

    In what order should it stand?

  6. Trucker_Schmitt says:

    Minutes ago I have tested the Game – and it works fine !
    Loading time is about several minutes – be patiently !

    Game v1.30.2.2
    RusMap 1.8
    ProMods 2.25
    PJ Indo Map v2.3 (if you have the mod)
    Paris rebuild 2.1 (if you have the mod)

    Load Order:

    • ProMods -Def file 2.25 (with RusMap checked)

    • PM225_RM_v130_roadconnection

    • RusMap 1.8 -Map
    • RusMap 1.8 -Models 1
    • RusMap 1.8 -Models 2
    • RusMap 1.8 -Def

    • Paris rebuild 2.1

    • ProMods 2.25 -Map
    • ProMods 2.25 -Models 1
    • ProMods 2.25 -Models 2
    • ProMods 2.25 -Models 3
    • ProMods 2.25 -Media

  7. Trucker_Schmitt says:

    Missing parts here as follows:

    • ProMods 2.25 -Assets

    • The Great Steppe 1.03 -Model
    • The Great Steppe 1.02 -Map
    • The Great Steppe 1.03 -Def

    • PJ Indo Map v2.3 = Panbase v2.3

    • edsor says:

      Apparently, what was wrong was the placement of the files. Thank you!

  8. Mate says:




  9. SortingHat says:

    Where is the 1.28 version so I can combine with the TSM map without Italy Dee L Cee?

  10. rosu says:

    i have both promods and rusmap but after i put them in the correct order the game loads but after 1 minute it tells me that it cannot load the save, but if i remove all files from great steppe the game is loading correctly. can someone help me with this please?

  11. Edivad says:

    I have v. + ProMods2.25 + RusMap1.75.
    With Great Steppe Map don’t load the game.

  12. vinicius says:

    este mapa precisa de dlc?

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