Great Steppe Project

“Great steppe” Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan that opens the way from Europe To Asia through the Project, RusMap. The map contains two countries: Kazakhstan and part of Russia – which was built to connect with the map RusMap. Modification works both by itself (at the right side from the main map and not associated with other, that is, Autonomous ) or in conjunction with RusMap and other modifications…

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– The way to Asia
– Flat terrain, hills, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts
– Broken roads (sometimes)
– Sparsely populated areas, long distances.

Compatibility with mods:
Map: RusMap, Southern Region, ProMods

– Compatibility with 1.30.x game version

Tested 1.30.x


DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 3

17 thoughts on “Great Steppe Project

  1. These files do not process as zip files. they need to be reaccomplished so they are archived zip files.

    1. @james:
      They do indeed process as zip files.
      Nothing needs to be re-accomplished (?).

      The download comprises of three parts:

      All you do is double-click on
      to open your .zip extraction program (may that be 7zip, winzip, winrar or whatever).

      You’ll get 3 files:
      RK Map_The Great Steppe – def_ v1.0.3.scs
      RK Map_The Great Steppe – map_v1.0.3.scs
      RK Map_The Great Steppe – model_v1.0.3.scs

      Those three .scs files obviously need to be copied/moved to your Mod folder.

      Hope this helps

      1. Please advise link where I can get these 3 files already extracted, because when i trying to extract or open it it’s reporting an error

        1. Kevin keith

          Try downloading the link using uc browser,the phone edition it’s already extracted and it helped me a lot. Hope this will help you to thank you.

    2. spartacus33

      All is perfect !!!
      Thx to Author(s)

  2. neranjana

    HD video test 1.30

  3. ArturR1975

    Nice job!! Work perfectly with PM 😉

    Where is Southern Region? Another great map for ETS2 and PM.

  4. With rus-map 1.8 not work. I’ve even tried to create a new profile, and nothing. The game crash

  5. Tim Dorrestijn

    In what order should it stand?

  6. Trucker_Schmitt

    Minutes ago I have tested the Game – and it works fine !
    Loading time is about several minutes – be patiently !

    Game v1.30.2.2
    RusMap 1.8
    ProMods 2.25
    PJ Indo Map v2.3 (if you have the mod)
    Paris rebuild 2.1 (if you have the mod)

    Load Order:

    • ProMods -Def file 2.25 (with RusMap checked)

    • PM225_RM_v130_roadconnection

    • RusMap 1.8 -Map
    • RusMap 1.8 -Models 1
    • RusMap 1.8 -Models 2
    • RusMap 1.8 -Def

    • Paris rebuild 2.1

    • ProMods 2.25 -Map
    • ProMods 2.25 -Models 1
    • ProMods 2.25 -Models 2
    • ProMods 2.25 -Models 3
    • ProMods 2.25 -Media

  7. Trucker_Schmitt

    Missing parts here as follows:

    • ProMods 2.25 -Assets

    • The Great Steppe 1.03 -Model
    • The Great Steppe 1.02 -Map
    • The Great Steppe 1.03 -Def

    • PJ Indo Map v2.3 = Panbase v2.3

    1. Apparently, what was wrong was the placement of the files. Thank you!

  8. C:\Users\Korisnik\Desktop\RK_Map_The_Great_Steppe_v1.0.3.z02:+Checksum+error+in+C:\Users\Korisnik\Documents\Euro+Truck+Simulator+2\mod\RK+Map_The+Great+Steppe+-+model_v1.0.3.scs.+The+file+is+corrupt



  9. SortingHat

    Where is the 1.28 version so I can combine with the TSM map without Italy Dee L Cee?

  10. i have both promods and rusmap but after i put them in the correct order the game loads but after 1 minute it tells me that it cannot load the save, but if i remove all files from great steppe the game is loading correctly. can someone help me with this please?

  11. I have v. + ProMods2.25 + RusMap1.75.
    With Great Steppe Map don’t load the game.

  12. este mapa precisa de dlc?

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