Greece 1:1 [1.40-1.46] Real map in real life size with many scenic areas

– Stand-alone 1:1 map for ETS2 ver. 1.40 and above
– It has been designed primarily as a 1st person map i.e. to recreate the driving experience of a real life truck driver.
Driving your truck from a remote external viewpoint, or trying to “fly” over the scenery (i.e. using the freecam) is
outside the scope of and not recommended on this map as you will come across visual anomalies.
– That said, the map is very realistic:
Accurate 1:1 roads, accurate elevations, accurate 3d-topography, realistic recreation of many areas,
animated hikers (a common sight on greek islands and ports) etc.
Currently, its weak point are the houses at Santorini when you drive close to them but I won’t apologize for that:
Though, noumerous, fitting house-prefabs for all countries stay at the disposal of ETS2-map-modders in the Sim’s editor, not a single house-prefab, suitable for a map of a greek island, is to be found there. Not a single one!
Therefore and just because I’m neither SCS nor any other modding team, I had to improvise.
– If you own a VR headset, try it at Santorini, driving down (or up) the hairpinned road to Athinios, the port of the island:
Due to the unique 3d-topography of Santorini, realistically recreated on this map, you will enjoy an utterly immersive VR-experience.
– Check out the short demo slide-show with greek music I uploaded along with the map.
Quality videos by ETS2-friends will soon be available.

– Create a new profile and before saving it, click “mod manager” selecting mod “Greece_1-1_v1.4x.scs” and then click “playing module” selecting “Sant_Pir_Kor.mbd”.
– ETS2’s Map-DLCs , (“Iberia” currently optional), are required or the map will crash at start-up.

manolis petsas


8 thoughts on “Greece 1:1 [1.40-1.46] Real map in real life size with many scenic areas

  1. Nice little map)

    1. manolis petsas

      Thank you RTG!

  2. Doesn’t work on 1.43
    It just says cannot load the save game (even though it’s a fully new game)

    1. manolis petsas

      Try 1.44 (I have tested it with 1.44 and works ok) and make sure you have all the MAP-DLCs (except “Iberia” which I think is not required). Also, until you make sure the map works ok, leave only the downloaded map in the “mod” folder before creating and using the new profile. If the map works this way then you can start adding other mods and see what happens.

  3. Very nice job !
    Αν θυμάμαι καλά τον είχα και πιο παλιά αυτό το χάρτη. Έχει αλλαγές ή απλά είναι αναβαθμισμένος για να παίζει στις νέες εκδόσεις του παιχνιδιού ?

    1. manolis petsas

      Γειά σου Μέλιο,
      Είναι αναβαθμισμένος αλλά έχω κάνει και κάποιες μικροαλλαγές

    2. manolis petsas

      Ευχαριστώ Μέλιο. Αναβάθμιση με μικροαλλαγές.

  4. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε !

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