Green BD Map For 1.35.x.x

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Green BD map is one of the most beautiful map of Bangladesh. This map was for ETS2 1.31. For this, Many Bangladeshi & Foreign people couldn’t play this one. They want this map for ETS2 1.35+. Many guys requested me to convert it for 1.35.x.x & I successfully convert this map for 1.35.x.x..Download link is given below.
There are a review of this map. You can see the beauty of Green BD Map..

*[ Note: It is only for 1.35 & Profile is also given in this file. ]

Hopefully you guys will like it and appreciate my work. Please make sure to share the video if you wish to share the map for 1.35. And always support me for similar to this one!!! Please Subscribe me..

Sadman Sakib Andalib


12 thoughts on “Green BD Map For 1.35.x.x

  1. Work with promods?

    1. Octavian101

      No, it’s standalone!

  2. Renegade_Trucking

    You know we’re already at 1.36, right?

  3. We’re at 1.36 and approaching 1.37.

    1. Yes, but they made still Mods for 1.31 >> 1.34 ?

      1. Octavian101

        There’s a pretty big community for this game in India and as you may know they don’t like to buy stuff. They get a cracked version that does not update so they are stuck on old versions 😉

  4. andreas venker

    meine güte der merkt aber auch nix dass wir schon in 1.36 sind ??

  5. DLC NEED ?

    1. Octavian101

      Yes, you need all DLC 🙂

  6. 1.36 NOT WORKİNG 🙁

    1. En la descripcion pone que es para la 1.35

  7. make it for ets2 v1.36 please

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