Green Lights For Trucks V1.0 For Multiplayer ETS2 1.37

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Green lights and xenon for the Under trucks:
-Scania S/R 2016
-Renault T
-Man Euro 6
-Mercedes actros Mp3/Mp4
-Volvo FH16 2009/2012

To select trucks with a green light, go to the truck showroom and buy them according to the list below :

-For Scania S 2016 truck
You can buy 7/12 and 9/12

-For Scania R 2016 truck
You can buy 5/12 and 8/12

-For Renault T truck
You can buy 10/11

-For Man Euro 6 truck
You can buy 10/12

-For Mercedes actros Mp3 truck
You can buy 6/12

-For Mercedes actros Mp4 truck
You can buy 7/12

-For Volvo FH16 2009 truck
You can buy 5/8

-For Volvo FH16 2012 truck
You can buy 6/8



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