Greget barbie cargo trailer


just for fun :v

sakata007, K-teris


5 thoughts on “Greget barbie cargo trailer

  1. ### is this

  2. icebeer75

    Pleas make a Monsterbarby scin for my tochter

  3. Ein Glück das es manche Skins nicht bis auf die Strasse schaffen 😀 😀

    *biggrin* Lucky man, this is just for fun 😀

    Anyone want’s Kenny, too? (just joking, please spare us :D)

  4. Ok haha very funny. Trailer tries to float up like a balloon. Please increase the weight and rerelease if you don’t mind. I installed this for my little girl and made her a pink truck so she can drive with daddy. But due to lack of weight it is imposdible to pull. Please fix it for her as it really made her sad…she is 3 btw. Thank you.

  5. Nevermind, I fixed it. I changed the mass to 20t and it works fine now. Thank you though. My daughter is quite happy now! 🙂

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