Grey Trailer for MP


Grey trailer for multiplayer;
go in single player, take the trailer, park in a safe zone, exit, enter on multiplayer and you should have a grey trailer
(it contains a schmitz universal grey trailer, a krone cool liner grey trailer, a grey livestock (cow trailers), a cistern and a krone profi liner.
if you want any custom trailer color, leave a comment below.

KiLLeR Modding


9 Responses to Grey Trailer for MP

  1. Corne says:


    • KiLLeR Modding says:

      ok, I will do it

      • oneboy0519 says:

        does not work! ?
        same is activated, only I do not have a ride!
        specifically the ride is zero !!
        This mod does not work !! ?
        This mod is another profile creation palette ejected from the game !!
        So this mod does not work, I stress again, DOES NOT WORK !!

  2. vlad says:

    Yellow pleas

  3. NEADEKVAT says:

    why no trailers?

  4. Leonardo says:

    Buddy, this is not working. When i add your mod and start game on single player all my cargos disappear………

  5. kuba1010 says:


  6. oneboy0519 says:

    don’t work this the trailer 🙁

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