Griffin Combo for Scania NextGen 1.1

This combo contains:
-paintjobs for Scania S and R for Normal, Topline and 8×4 chassis
-custom 50keda lightboxes
-custom abasstreppas wheel skins
-paintjob for both SCS and Krone DLC trailers (all variatins)
-SiSL’s customizable items (including pennants, flags, mugs, etc)
-compatibility for IJ’s mods
-compatibility for Remoled NextGen 1.81


Donation link: PayPal.Me/VandallRTR

tyb33rk, SCS abasstreppas, 50keda, SiSL


2 thoughts on “Griffin Combo for Scania NextGen 1.1

  1. I forgot to mention up there that you have a skin for the Kassbohrer tanker too, link:

  2. Phoenix20201

    Really nice paint job, any chance you add the trailer paint job to the MB AeroDynamic Trailer by AM you can get the Template here

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