GT-Mods SCS Renault Premium Fixed V1.0 Reute Edition


This is a small and simple REPLACER mod. (any mod that changes default SCS Premium exterior model will cause issues)
It replaces SCS Renault Premium with a “fixed” model. I tried to keep the mod as simple as possible to avoid any possible future conflicts.
Full list of fixes:
-added left side front marker light
-repositioned right side front marker light
-added rear (4×2) and midfender (6x) marker lights
-remodelled and repositioned muffler
-remodelled and repositioned AdBlue tank
-remodelled 6x fueltank
-remodelled and repositioned 6x battery box
-remodelled 4×2 fueltanks
-added 6x sideskirts
-reworked headlights
-changed windshiled gasket material to rubber (instead of metal)
-added missing engine badges
-cleaned up all default SCS models, splitted and removed doubles



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