GTA IV Traffic Pack Final

GTA-IV-Traffic-Pack-1 GTA-IV-Traffic-Pack-2 GTA-IV-Traffic-Pack-3

Add 89 cars and 9 bikes from game GTA IV.
All standalone, works on any maps.
Tested on 1.22.x version.
Do not reupload! Keep original link!

Author: alkonavt96


14 thoughts on “GTA IV Traffic Pack Final

  1. Please make GTA V traffic pack

    1. alkonavt96

      GTA V uses the same vehicle as GTA IV.

  2. GTA San Andreas traffic pack too pls!!

    1. alkonavt96

      Low poly – bad view.

  3. This mod will be good for American truck simulator

  4. pretty cool pack. TY

  5. Pega na v 1.20.1

  6. 정윤석

    This is mod good

  7. Very nice pack for trafic, thanks 🙂

  8. Can this pack compatible with jazzycat traffic packs ????

  9. Arthur Vince

    Ive put it in the ATS mod location, and guess….This pack works also in ATS..Hahaha Cool!!

  10. Hello Alkonavt96, please make this GTA IV traffic mod work on ets2 v1.23
    I appreciate your work, thanks!

  11. Hello Alkonavt96,
    Can you please make this GTA IV traffic mod work on v1.23
    I appreciate all your work.

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