GTA IV Traffic Pack v 1.0 update

GTA-IV-Traffic-Pack-1 GTA-IV-Traffic-Pack-2 GTA-IV-Traffic-Pack-3

Add 58 cars and 7 bikes from game GTA IV.
All standalone, works on any maps.
Tested on 1.21.x version.
Do not reupload! Keep original link!

Author: alkonavt96


7 thoughts on “GTA IV Traffic Pack v 1.0 update

  1. Now we just need the GTA 5 map 😛

    1. GTA 4 I mean

  2. It’s great, thx!

    Can u convert GTA mods (cars, busses, trucks, etc) into the ETS2, not just official vehicles?!

    1. alkonavt96

      I don’t want to do it. It’s easier to make new mod than remake other.

  3. It conflicts with ‘Saint Row 3 traffic pack’

    Because both have the AI traffice named ‘Phantom’. (GTA4’s is truck, SRTT’s is motorcycle)

    1. alkonavt96

      Yes, I know. May be I fix it, may be not.

      1. fix please and please make mega mod Saint Row 3 traffic pack+GTA IV Traffic Pack mod

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