GTA IV traffic pack v1


Add cars from game GTA IV.

All standalone, works on any maps.
Tested on 1.19.x version.
Do not reupload! Keep original link!



5 Responses to GTA IV traffic pack v1

  1. Drive Safely says:

    Are these GTA IV traffic cars based on real life cars? I can’t seem to see any logos or identify which manufacturers these vehicles belong to.

    • Faelandaea says:

      The cars in GTA IV are indeed based on real life American cars, since the game takes place in California, but no logos as the company didn’t want to deal with licensing issues.

      This is not one I am going to download . . . yet . . . as I play ETS2 for a European environment, and American cars should never be on Euro roads đŸ™‚ But when ATS comes out, if this is adapted for that – then hell yeah I plan to use it XD

  2. tuhkustuhke says:

    crashes for me

  3. sunnoco says:

    As always, EXCELLENT work, alkonavt96! Works perfect in 1.19.2. So, tuhkustuhke, check your mods (maybe it’s a conflict between them) or the ETS 2 version / installation, because, this mod works perfect, without any error in log file.
    Good luck alkonavt96 and keep up the great and hard work.

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