GTA V Classic Traffic Pack v1.9.2

This pack contains retro & classic vehicles converted from Grand Theft Auto V and Online.
Changes: improved LOD models.

– Includes new driver and passenger models.
– Realistic lamp mask and lighting system.
– FMOD engine sounds for specific vehicles.
– Each vehicle has its own speed and mass data.
– European countries license plates are installed on all vehicles.
– All standalone and not replace any original cars.

Cars List
Annis – Savestra
Benefactor – Glendale, Stirling GT
BF – Club, Surfer, Weevil
Canis – Kalahari
Dewbauchee – JB700, Rapid GT Classic
Enus – Stafford
Grotti – Brioso 300, Stinger GT, GT500, Cheetah Classic, Turismo Classic
Lampadati – Pigalle, Michelli GT, Casco, Tropos Rallye, Viseris
Ocelot – Ardent, Stromberg
Pegassi – Monroe, Torero
RUNE – Cheburek
Ubermacht – Sentinel Classic, Zion Classic
Vapid – Retinue Mk I, Retinue Mk II, GB200
Vulcar – Fagaloa, Nebula Turbo
Weeny – Issi Classic, Dynasty

Tested on version 1.41.x



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