GTA V Traffic Pack v 1.0

Cars from Grand Theft Auto V and Online are now on European Roads! It also features new AI driver models!

Cars List:
Benefactor – Schafter V12, Schwartzer, Feltzer, Surano, Serrano
Cheval – Taipan
Dewbauchee – Exemplar, Rapid GT
Enus – Super Diamond
Gallivanter – Baller II
Grotti – Bestia GTS, Carbonizzare, Turismo R
Lampadati – Felon
Obey – 9F, Tailgater, Rocoto
Ocelot – F620
Overflod – Entity XF
Pegassi – Vacca, Zentorno, Osiris, Infernus
Pfister – Comet
Truffade – Adder
Ubermacht – Sentinel XS, Oracle XS

All standalone and not replace any original AI cars.



6 thoughts on “GTA V Traffic Pack v 1.0

  1. Sergio M.

    GTA V in the world of trucking? Interesting. Shame you can’t carjack them like in the actual GTA V game. 😛

  2. What a nice addition! Good job!
    What program you used for import gta models? Zmodeler?

  3. Oh my god! I LOVE YOU and thanks very much

  4. Please tell me how to convert models from GTA to PMD?

  5. scania owner

    please. Add VAPID SADLER

  6. Good initiative but why the sport cars? they are already plenty of packs with sport cars,
    I don’t own GTA 5 but I have seen this list and definitely it would be a better choice to import trucks, some motorcycles, vans and even emergency vehicles 😉

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