GTA V Truck & Bus Traffic Pack 2.0 ETS2 v1.43

GTA V Truck & Bus Traffic Pack 2.0 ETS2 v1.43

Completely rewrote and redid the traffic.
Fixed the identified errors.

All standalone and not replace any original AI trucks/buses.

Benefactor – Terrorbyte
Brute – Boxville, Camper, City Bus, Coach, Rental Shuttle Bus, Stockade, Tipper, Utility Truck
HVY – Mixer
Jobuilt – Hauler, Trashmaster, Rubble
Maibatsu – Mule
MTL – Brickade, Flatbed, Pounder
Vapid – Bus

Please keep the original download link.
This mod is forbidden to spread on the site: playground
Прошу сохранять авторскую ссылку на загрузку.
Этот мод запрещается выкладывать на сайте: playground

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8 thoughts on “GTA V Truck & Bus Traffic Pack 2.0 ETS2 v1.43

  1. halbtollekreatur

    Can we have a ATS version please?

    1. You can! I’ll upload today.

  2. trucky chucky

    Any chance to get it for ATS?
    Some trucks and the shuttle bus seems a little bit too big?!

    1. You can! I’ll upload today.

  3. liklik_18916

    Any change to get the fire brigade?

  4. trucky chucky

    Here is a example of the size. The shuttle bus is supposed to be such a model. Its bonnet is not much higher than that of an SUV.
    Also the Pounder, the Camper (same modell as the shuttle) and the Rubble are a little bit too big.

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