GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v 2.3



Changelog 2.3:
– Added compatibility with RJL’s mod v 1.5
– Removed engine and sound files, mod now uses the same engines and sounds as RJL’s mod – no more compatibility issues (no more crashes)
– Added short spoilers for P & G series
– 3D badges for P and G are not available yet

Mod adds a P and G series cabs to RJL’s mod.
Both series come in:
– Topline (not realistic)
– Highline
– Normal
– Low
– Day
– Short

Available with standard RJL’s tuning.

Tested on 1.22 and with RJL’s v1.5.

Authors: GT-Mike, RJL, SCS


23 Responses to GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v 2.3

  1. PASHAM says:

    Errorrrrrrr !!! oyun kapanıyor ?

  2. Game crach says:

    Game crash with choice cabin g or p

  3. LTRedasTIR says:

    Can you add a car carrier’s axis for this mod?

  4. Oswald says:

    but where is the chassis????????

  5. poiut says:

    Why badges are not available for P and G series ????

    The mod is great thanks for it but put back badges as it was before , thanks 😉

  6. Oswald says:

    Game crash when i tried buy rjl scania p, g, r or s

    • poiut says:

      Mod works fine , chack your mods priorities and look if you have RJL 1.5 and not 1.41 … and your game updated to 1.22 ??

      If only one of these is not correct it’s normal your game crash !

      • Oswald says:

        I have RJL 1.5, RJL p & g mods and promods 2-0 game ver is nothing else mod is loaded

        • poiut says:

          or so put the mods in this order :

          1-)Scania GTM P & G hotfixe (on top of mods order but just below promods mods)
          2-)scania GTM P& G
          3)-scania RJL T1.8
          4)-scania RJL DLC cabin ….
          5)-scania RJL 1.5 (bottom of the list mod order)

          and let me know if it works…. if you still get problem I still have an idea to help.

          • Oswald says:

            Thanks poiut

            this order its work
            1-)Scania GTM P & G hotfixe (on top of mods order but just below promods mods)
            2)-scania RJL T1.8
            3)-scania RJL DLC cabin ….
            4)-scania RJL 1.5 (bottom of the list mod order)
            5-)scania GTM P& G

          • Mr.M says:

            Hi, I am facing same problem as did the person above. The problem is , that neither your or his methods work for me. Any other ideas on how to fix that problem?

          • LitDrive says:

            Hello, could you please share that idea, that you have? Because these methods with mod manager do not work for me. Thank you! Best wishes!

  7. Roadwolf17 says:

    why did you remove the loglift?

  8. christian2435 says:

    game Crashs after loading or going into the menu

  9. Sascha says:

    i have the fix installed but no badges in front in all rjl models only and t mod there a on top

  10. Mike says:

    can u make a loger chassis addon,the long chassis is great.verry great mod keep on the good work

  11. Daniel says:

    can you built this mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.17? if you can that’s awsome, because i’m stuck in version 1.17.1

  12. danishtrucker says:

    can you make the short cabin wiht topsleeper?

  13. ㅁㄴㅇㄹ says:

    This mod install Long chassis remove?

  14. Max says:

    Dont work for me 🙁

  15. AlwaysLuuk says:

    Is there a 1.23/1,24 version?

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