GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v 2.5

GTM-P-&-G-Series-Cabs-1 GTM-P-&-G-Series-Cabs-2 GTM-P-&-G-Series-Cabs-3

So this mod’s purpose is to add P and G series cabins to RJL’s Scania R&Streamline mod. Why? Because I like P series and I know some people like the G so why not?
The mod is aimed to fit seamlesly into RJL’s awsome work and expand it in the natural way, using as many of his original assets as possible.

Features list:
-propper sized P and G series cabs, including daycabs!
-individual interiors with Cab Accessories DLC support
-propper engine badges (optional)
-euro6 badges are optional
-fully compatible with original RJL’s parts
-compatible with most GTM mods
-additional lowered and lowdeck chasis models
-skinning templates included (but most RJL R series skins should work too)

Changelog 2.3:
-added compatibility with RJL’s mod v 1.5
-removed endine and sound files, mod now uses the same engines and sounds as RJL’s mod – no more compatibility issues
-added short spoilers for P & G series
-badges for P and G are not available yet

Changelog v2.4
-fixed missing Scania badge material

Changelog v2.5
-added 3D badges for P and G
-fixed few minor bugs and errors
-fixed and updated collision models for all chasis

Tested on 1.22

Authors: GT-Mike, RJL, Scaniac


22 Responses to GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v 2.5

  1. LTRedasTIR says:

    Can, you add car carriers axle for P cab?

  2. dctoe says:

    I love it GT-Mike! Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. LE5705 says:

    Game crash…….

  4. James b says:

    Love the mod but having problems with the r6 lower grilles
    If i select any of them they just cut the game out Strangley and the badge textures don’t work got the badge fix mod

    All so have an idea for the day cabs a sleeper pod on top

    Thanks again for the mods if you could shed some light on why I’m having these problems would be great

  5. Deano says:

    Awesome mod, works fine, any chance of getting all the exhaust stacks adjusted closer to suit the cabins?

    keep up the great work, I understand it time consuming


  6. R says:

    have no chassis after any cabin chosen

  7. J says:

    oh…..where is chassis

  8. Mercohaulic says:

    The chassis disapears. no matter which I pick its not there

  9. JariVu says:

    Doesn´t work with newest version. Please do quick mod that fits with v.1.5.1!!

  10. Alex says:

    Can you update the mod so that it’ll be suited for 1.23 and fits RJL 1.5.1?

  11. junio says:

    man we are missing your mod plz update

  12. amir says:

    it is not work for rjl 1.5.1

  13. TheAnnoyingBat says:


  14. ada says:

    Will U update for RJL 2 this mod? I miss it much. And I think P & G cabs for 4 series RJL also well idea. 😉

  15. duck says:

    Can you update for newest rjl version? Please

  16. dadangkurniia says:

    can you update this mod to 1.26xx? please

  17. amir says:

    can you update this mod to 1.26xx? please?????????????????

  18. amir says:

    can you update this mod to 1.26xx? please

  19. amir says:

    can you update this mod to 1.26xx? please????????????????

  20. umdiegoqualquer says:

    can you update this mod to 1.27xx? please

  21. Corné says:

    Please can’t you update this mod to 1.27???

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